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It seems like we are getting more cynical in the situation of today’s world. For most it is a pattern that allows us to cope with what is happening in the world ~ politically, economically, yet also personally.
As such, cynicism is one of those energies that has two sides to it ~ and not surprisingly so in this age of polarities…

On one side cynicism can stem from a certain sense of reality from the perspective that history has shown that as the world is moving along this particular path ~…

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It is easy to look upon our busy lives as filled with demands that are being put upon us. The demands of a job ~ or sometimes even several jobs ~ the demands of family, the demands of chores; after all, somebody has to do them…
And pretty soon we are finding ourselves in a position where we may feel that the whole world needs something from us, while we , in return need something from it. As in a salary, a sense of security; whatever it may be.

It can become a push-pull mechanism that leaves…

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