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Wishing Well

Wishing Well

I received an email with Holiday Wishes and a long letter as to how important it is to extend our Holiday wishes to others ~ family and friends, but also those that we have lost contact with or even aren’t ‘on speaking terms’ with. Especially during this time of year.

It was the last sentence that caught my attention.

Of course it is this time of year when we send out our Holiday wishes on nice cards, whether they are sent through ‘snail-mail’ (you know, the handwritten variety with a stamp on the envelop), or in a digital fashion. We expect to receive Holiday wishes, and we may even feel obligated to send out Holiday wishes to those that are near and dear to us.

But why restrict wishing well to others to this time of year?
Don’t we wish others well any other time of the year?

In the email I received the argument was made that it is more important to wish well unto others this time of the year, because the veil between us and the Creative Force is very thin now, ensuring that our wishes are heard not only by those we sent our wishes to, but also by the Creative Force itself.

But that doesn’t make any sense to me.
As any one prayer makes a difference, so does any one wish we send out any time of the year...

So why do we feel that wishes that we are extending to others, or that are extended to us for that matter, are more powerful during the Holiday Season? Could it be that we ourselves are more tuned to things that are ‘good’, and that we therefore are more open to receiving those wishes?

Let’s face it, when we take time to be quiet with ourselves, stepping back from our daily lives, spending time with those that are near and dear to us ~ when we voice our hopes for peace ~ we are likely to display a softer, more open side of ourselves. An openness that allows us to really be touched by the wishes that are sent to us. A softness that makes us want to send out our wishes to others...

And doesn’t that feel good?

Which makes me think ~ why don’t we do that more often? Wishing others well? Not just in our minds ~ but to actually take a little time to send a card, or to pick up the phone and talk for a couple of minutes. To purposefully and mindfully touch the other person with kindness, and our wishes for great health and wellbeing...

I believe that if we would be doing so, it makes this world a better place.
Independent of the season...


First published on in 2009

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