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Listen to your parents

Googling that phrase brings up any number of sites that each have any number of reasons or arguments why it is a good thing to listen to your parents. And they are probably right. At least most of the time.

For most parents are loving and nurturing and have a strong desire to protect us.

On the other hand, even with something as reasonable as listening to our parents, there is a need for balance. Each new generation has a new outlook on life, and even when they do listen to their parents,…

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Big Trees

Easily the biggest trees I have ever seen are the Sierra Sequoias.

And they come with some big surprises…
Growing as solitary giants amid pine trees ~ which are in and of themselves by no means small trees ~ they seem to come up as if ‘out of nowhere’. Kind of like now you see it, now you don’t, as you move through the forest… It is not like they are small trees either; although only when you walk up does its size truly become apparent.
Another surprise is that their bark is so soft to the…

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Old friends and Inspiration

It is a good idea to, every once in a while, take stock of all the things we have in our lives. Perhaps not following the prevalent focus of “letting go” as much as to discover old friends and to get inspired. To get ideas as to what to do next; which adventure to embark upon. To see lines and shapes emerge… To see symbols ~ both ancient and new ~ surface on almost forgotten materials.
To find that each stone, each bead, every tidbit of leather, metal, rock, and even plastic seems to be an…

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Good fences make good neighbors

For the past year or so, our neighbor and I have been talking about putting up a new fence. The old fence had been a bit wobbly from the start ~ 15 or 20 years ago ~ and while I didn’t mind it seemingly having a life of its own, for our neighbor it had over time become a source of frustration.

After some deliberation we have decided on a ‘living fence’; and all grown hedge-like fence that will grow thicker over time.

It’s going to be beautiful!!

At least, that is what I am keeping in mind as…

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Victory; according to the dictionary: an act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition.

One would be hard pressed to find a word, a concept, that is used so often in our world of today, and yet is so misunderstood.
Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are engaging in a a game or any other competition, chances are you entered not just to be part of it, but also in order to give it your very best and win that game or competition. And, as long as this is the nature of…

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The Inner Voice

There is a commercial running on TV in which Morgan Freeman states that it is a good thing to trust your inner voice. “Everybody has one, few listen to it”…

It is a beer commercial, and while I am not in the market to buy beer anytime soon, the advertisement still has a powerful message. To listen to our very own inner voice.
To ‘be still and listen’.

To do so, we may need to realign ourselves with a different perspective on what we truly need in life. Moving a little bit away from the…

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The Temple of our Soul

Most of us on a spiritual path are focused on reaching up. Reaching up to higher frequencies of energy, reaching up to our next step on our personal spiritual paths.
And that is a good thing!

The caveat is that the only way we can do this effectively is through first reaching inside ourselves…

It is all about an inner and an outer balance. The more we can balance ourselves ~ from a very physical perspective ~ the greater balance we can achieve as we reach up into the higher frequencies of…

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While spending a week in Zeeland, the Netherlands, I heard a cuckoo ‘cuckooing’ pretty much every day. Now, I grew up with a little bit of Folk Wisdom that said that when you hear the call of a cuckoo close by and you have no money/coins in your pocket, it will surely start to rain.
Luckily this wasn’t the case. (Myth busted!)

But then why did I keep hearing the cuckoo calling out, even though there were many other birds singing and calling that ~ from the sound of their songs ~ were a lot…

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Across the street from us, way up high in a tree, is a nesting box. Originally it was meant to entice a pair of owls to raise their family in our street. That never happened.
But since last year another pair of birds are eyeing the bird-house. A pair of Egyptian geese.

It is not uncommon to see them sitting on light posts, and it is known that they like places high up to nest. Finding a hollow high up in a tree would be ideal for them. But those are hard to find. This bird house though seems…

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Why and how

We all have our reasons why we are doing the things we are doing; or at least why we want to do things in our lives. We want to make our lives better; and dependent on how we define ‘better’ we take steps in that direction. For instance, if ‘better’ means being in a better financial situation, our actions may be geared toward gaining more earnings, while a definition of ‘better’ that is leaning toward experiencing a less stressful environment may direct us to a simpler life with more free time.

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