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It always amazes me how everything changes when it snows. The obvious things are the temperature, the fact that the snow turns nature from its greyish brown, late Fall colors into black and white ~ or totally white, depending on how much snow is there. All of a sudden there seems to be a lot more light as whatever faint Winter’s sunlight is there gets reflected by the snow.

But it goes a lot further than that.
A couple of hours after the first snow has fallen, the removal of it from highways…

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Apart from techniques, we are taught rules. These rules will teach us how to behave. They will create ‘good citizens’ out of us, and in order to accomplish this they are set up with the intention that we will  be safe and do what is best for us. Like traffic rules, safety regulations, dress codes; but also ‘you are not allowed to eat cookies right before dinner’ or, for instance: ‘don’t speak unless you are spoken to’.

From my perspective, rules seem to fall into two categories. There are…

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Song Lines

Although I have never been to Australia, Song Lines are an intriguing concept to me.

Let’s start with what Wikipedia says about Song Lines:
For the Aborigines all land is sacred and alive. Their ancestors gave life in singing, gave them life through song, and dwell in the land still. The songs must be continually sung to keep the land "alive". In singing they preserve the land/story/dreaming of their ancestors, and recreate it in their oneness of past, present and future.

For me this ties in…

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‘I cannot...’

One of the easiest ways to create a blockage in the flow of our lives is that little statement that starts with ‘I cannot’...

While it is true that there are things that are truly outside of our ability, we tend to use that phrase often as an excuse to not do something, to not make that appointment at that time, to not get engaged in ~ for instance ~ the setting up of the new internet connection or TV channels.
In doing so, we tell the world and ourselves that there are things we cannot do.…

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What we know to be true vs what we believe to be true

We may know that we are good, productive, kind, loving, honest, respectful people who can take care of ourselves. We may be aware that there might be situations that can be more challenging than others ~ yet on the whole we will get by just fine!

At the same time we may believe that we are ‘stupid’ because it took us a little longer to learn to read when we were 6 or 7 years old. We may believe that we are ‘no-good people’, because we didn’t fit the environment we grew up in very well. We may…

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I already know that

Have you ever been to a class or a lecture where, after the first five or ten minutes or so, you were thinking “I already know that.”?
And if you have, did you notice how you, as soon as you had allowed yourself thinking that, started listening with just a little bit less focus; finding yourself a little bit less involved in the process of the class or lecture…

The interesting thing is that our thoughts truly set us up for how we encounter pretty much anything in life. The moment we think the…

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The other day I posted something on Facebook and immediately got a reaction from a person who was against what I was posting. And this is what Facebook is all about, we can express our opinions at the drop of a hat; sparking discussions that can be ~ yet not always are ~ quite productive. As such, I truly do like Facebook as a platform!

But this interaction made me think.

Because when someone is against something, this is probably because they have ~ at least in their mind ~ a very good…

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Respect and Appreciation

Respect is something that keeps coming up in our lives over and again. And very often it seems to be tied to appreciation. This means that if we get the feeling someone else is not truly appreciating us right there and then at the very moment, it is easy to not just feel unappreciated yet also feel disrespected.

Looking this way at respect and appreciation, it tends to be in an interactive setting; in other words, someone else is doing something to us that makes us feel disrespected and…

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According to the dictionary, respect means ‘a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements’.

This ties respect to a sense of self worth and self esteem.
When you have a healthy sense of self worth, you are aware of your abilities and qualities, and usually will have a fairly good sense of the things you may achieve. And building your life on this foundation, it is easy to extend this respect to others, without the need to know…

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Give or take?

There are any number of ways we can approach life. Two of those are that we either look at life from a perspective of “What can life give me?”, or have a frame of reference that says “What do I have to offer to life?”
In other words, what can I take from it versus what can I give to it.

The attitudes are definitely opposites, yet have commonalities as well. They both tend to affect every area of our lives. And neither is sustainable without the other… If we are always focused on ‘taking’…

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